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Kishore Chakraborty

Professional Astrologer, Palmist & Numerologist

Member of International Academy of Astrology (USA)

Member of Faculty of Astrological Studies (UK)

Fellow Member of Astrological Research Project (CAL)

About me

Hi, I am Kishore Chakraborty. Professional Astrologer, Palmist & Numerologist of 14+ years of Practical experience. I have researched over Horary and Tajaka system of Astrology. I have started studying astrology when i was 12 years of age. I have started my journey as a Palmist. Later on I have developed skills in the other sectors of Astrology as well. Because of my science and engineering background it was easy for me to understand the complex calculations of Astrology. 

Scholars like Varahamihira, Vishnugupta, Copernicus, Sir Isaac newton has studied astrology periodically with interest. It happens because Astrology is the oldest science on earth and it has strong rational basis. Sun, Moon and other celestial forces controlling the whole universe. But to understand this you must have a subtle mind. Your receptor must be tuned with the cosmic energy properly. Then only you can develop the ear to hear the sounds of the stars. 

So many years have passed i have been giving consultations offline and online. I always believe astrology is the divine tool which must be used as a torch in the darkness. But to avail the blessings of the divine, mind should be empty. Astrology is not for sceptics, it is for the people with open mind only. Thank you.

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