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Professional Astrologer, Palmist & Numerologist

Member of International Academy of Astrology (USA)
Member of Astrological Research Project (Calcutta)

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best astrologer in kolkata

Professional Astrologer in Kolkata

Kishore Chakraborty is a Professional Astrologer, Palmist and Numerologist. He started his journey from a very young age. He is providing consultations through Online and Offline. His all consultations are based on prior appointments only.  

Great things will remain always. Astrology is not some arbitrary New Age theory. Thousands of ancient scriptures were written and studied in every corner of the earth from the pre-historic era, and the tradition still goes on. Astrology is not only a science rather it's an art of prediction also. How planets are influencing human life? How the lines of human hands can be a mirror of human life? How a number can interpret someone’s personality? All this questions has the answers hidden, and kishoreastro is the key of those locked answers.



Know your future by your horoscope analysis. Listen what the starts and planets are saying to you silently.