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KishoreAstro has researched over occult and spiritual prospects and found Vedic Gem purification process. After extensive research KishoreAstro re modelled the ancient Yantram's of ancient temples. Gem ring purification kit and Dhunaroma powder for vastu purification also has been invented by KishoreAstro. Check below for details.

Gemstone Purification

 ( The ancient vedic procedure of Gemstone purification )

Gemstones are the energy source which are connected to respective planets in astrology. But without proper purification Gemstones are dead. Certification only ensures the authenticity but not the divineness. With a certificate it is just a commodity nothing else. But when Gemstones used as Astrological remedy they must be purified before. Veda suggested Ratna Sodhana is a must and without that Ratna or Gem cannot able to show any effetcs. Kishore Chakraborty with extensive research and thoughts developed a process where all their Gemstones get energized before prescribing anybody. Its nor Puja nor certificate rather a research oriented Gemstone purification procedure invented by KishoreAstro which energizing Gemstones by the best way. Click the below links to know more or to buy energized Gemstones.


Gem Rings Purification Kit

 ( Purification kit for Gemstone rings )

Every Gemstones of KishoreAstro has been purified thoroughly by their developed method. Still after fixing that on a ring the wearer needs to purify it periodically. Shastra says Ratna Dharan (wearing Gem ring) is not all, the wearer must do Ratna Sodhana (purification of Gem ring) also. So it is advisable after every 3 to 4 months the rings must be purified with divine ingredients. But Kishore Chakraborty in his long career experienced sometimes it is difficult for his clients to gather all the ingredients for purification at right time and right moment. On account of that KishoreAstro has developed a Gemstome Ring purification kit so that Rings purification becomes hassle free. Click the below links to know more or to buy Gem ring purification kit.



 ( The ancient geometrical design of divinity )

In ancient temples there are some geometrical inscriptions drawn between the place of devotee and the deity. It is known as Yantram. Tantram is a sanskrit word which means machine. So Yantram is a divine mechanism which acts as a bridge between devotee and deity to unite their energy. Today it is rarely visible this yantram in temples. Kishore Chakraborty with deep research developed this whole mechanism in such a way which resemblance the ancient technology in a new manner. Deity picture, Metal yantram as well as precious gemstone has been used to make this Yantrams more effective. This complete design is innovation of Kishore Chakraborty and this Yantram are super powerful for anybody. Click the below links to know more or to buy Yantrams. 



 ( Divine powder for Vastu purification )

Benzoin dust or Dhuna has been used from ancient times to purify home environment. sometimes we strongly feel negative energy inside our room or surroundings. That's why in old days every evening the house holders generated divine smoke with Dhuna and spread it in every corner of their houses. Kishore Chakraborty has developed such divine powder which is very effective for Vastu purification. Everyday use of the holy smoke will radiate a divine vibration and welcome positive energies. Also a  germ and mosquito free environment can be achieved by the use of this powder. Neem dust, Dhuna dust and Camphor dust are the ingredients of the pack. With coconut husk and fire it will generate smoke of heavenly fragrance. Click the below links to know more or to buy Dhunaroma.

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