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KishoreAstro Services

The Astro services provided by Kishore Chakraborty are listed here. Online or Offline consultations available.

All consultations done strictly by prior appointments only.


Astrology Services

  • One to one astrology consultation with confidentiality.

  • Horoscope making, analysis and guidance.

  • Astro counselling over the weak factors of the horoscope.

  • Consultations over Health, Education, Career, Job, Business, Love, Marriage, Divorce etc.

  • Marriage match making service. ( Jotak Bichar )

  • Guidance over Manglik dosh, Kal Sarp dosh, Sani sade sati etc.

Palmistry Services

  • Palm line analysis.

  • Analysis of disease, health problems, Growth and power of mounts through palmistry.

  • Analysis of foreign travel, marriage and children through palm lines.

Numerology Services

  • Naming of new born babies through numerology.

  • Name spelling changes and alterations.

  • Naming of new shop, business, firm etc.

  • Evaluating Lucky number, date, color, planet and starts through numerology.

Horary Services

  • Finding the answer of a specific question through horary.

  • Finding disease through horary medical astrology.

  • Pinpointing events.

  • Tracing lost articles or lost person through horary. 

Ratna Sodhan Services

  • Gemstones purification with Vedic methods.

  • Energization of Gemstones with proper way.


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